Monday, September 5, 2011

Last Night in Gillette and the big 50

After the Escapade many chose to hang out at the Cam-Plex to avoid traveling on a Holiday weekend. We had fun, one night it was a potato bake, 20-30 gathered together with a baked potato and a topping. We had so many toppings, just putting a little of each one on the potato caused the potato to too much to eat, and then there was deserts on top of that. After everyone ate we played "corn hole", and ladder ball.

The next night it was going to be just a happy hour, but you all know what happens when a bunch of SKPs get together. There was enough food to feed a small army, and Mark even brought some of his special "home brew". The happy hour moved into the sunshine where the "corn hole" and Ladder Ball took over again. I even got a yard stick and two clothes pins out to keep score. (CRS doesn't effect the yard stick).

Today everyone started packing and cleaning getting things ready to hit the road tomorrow. Marcia was really disappointed that we weren't having a happy hour, but then she didn't know Molly and Donna had got the wheels rolling to have her a surprise 50th birthday party. All the women did a great job of throwing it together, and I kept Marcia distracted.

Around 3:30 I took Marcia for a ride, she had no idea that we were going to the Chinese place, and I needed to have her there at 6:15. She also didn't know that 38 people would be waiting on us to show up. When we walked into the restaurant she still had no idea what was going on, Bob was taking pictures of us walking in, ands she still hadn't put it together. It wasn't until she saw the balloon with the big 50 on it that she realized it was a surprise party for her.

 We could see the tears of joy running down her face as she went around hugging everyone. That went on for several minuets until she had hugged almost everyone. Everyone filled their bellies before they broke out the cake. The firefighters in the group broke out the fire extinguishers because there were so many candles on the cake. I was really glad they didn't have to use them!

 Then the presents!!!! She got butt-aid, a pregnancy test, prune juice, a cane, 14 boxes of ex lax, anti-aging cream, a set of false teeth that jump around, a bottle of wine labeled "WOMEN'S VIAGRA", and a slew of other gifts. And to top it off someone paid for our meal, (thanks to whom every it was). Everyone seemed to enjoy themselves, and most everyone said it was a blast. I know I had a blast watching everyone.

Then the sad part came, everyone started saying their good-byes, some will be leaving early tomorrow morning, and some will sleep in so the good-byes was done tonight.

Thanks to everyone that made it happen tonight.............

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