Thursday, September 22, 2011

What did we do?

September 20th, 2011 Marcia's 50th birthday. We celebrated Marcia's birthday several times this year, after all she did hit the big 50. After the Escapade Molly suggested having her a party since we weren't going to be with friends or family on her birthday, and that was all Donna needed to get the ball rolling. All the friends that were still there did a great job of throwing together a very special party.

Marcia told me she wanted to go to a casino on her birthday, so me being a guy that wants to please his wife, we left the awe-inspiring beauty of Moab and headed to New Mexico. On the 19th we had breakfast in Utah, then we did lunch in Colorado, and supper in New Mexico. We stopped at a small casino near Shiprock New Mexico and spent the night.

Tuesday we drove to Farmington NM to another casino, a larger one, but it still wasn't as glamorous as the casinos we are used to. We stayed the night at the fairgrounds, which the casino is kind of part of with the horse racing track. We spent most of the day in the casino, although Marcia wasn't winning anything she was having fun.

That evening we had a nice steak and shrimp dinner, and then we returned to the casino. We stayed in the casino until late thirty! We did make it back to the rig and ate some birthday cake that was left over from the party in Gillette and Marcia drank some of the wine she got in Gillette ( Donna said it was women's Viagra) . Marcia had frozen the cake so we could have it on her birthday.

Now we are sitting at another casino in Rio Rancho. This is more like the casinos we think of when we say casino. It has the resort included, and isn't just building filled with slot machines like you find at many Indian casinos we've been to, or the bars with a few poker machines we found in Rapid City.

We will leave here later today and go to a Passport America park, or to the fam-camp at Kirtland AFB where we will hang out until the balloon fest next week...............

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