Saturday, September 3, 2011

51st Escapade is over

  Friday was the "hitch-up" breakfast here at the Cam-Plex in Gillette Wyoming, closing ceremonies was Thursday. It was a busy week to say the least, Monday was the first timers happy hour, Tuesday was the class of 2007 Happy Hour followed by B I N G O, Wednesday I was in the popcorn booth handing out free popcorn. Thursday I and 50 others were initiated into the Elks Lodge # 2825, followed by B I N G O.

  The first timers happy hour was the first for us and the Escapade, we were among 5 couples hosting it. We had around 175 people show up, Jim Tidball did a good job with the mic directing everyone to group up with others from the same area. Everyone brought a snack and their drink so we all sat around getting acquainted while we filled our bellies.

 The class of 2007 Happy Hour had around 50 people, and everyone again brought a heavy snack, Marcia brought chicken and dumpling because we weren't going to have time for supper before B I N G O. We adopted 4 couples into the class so there were more adoptees that people that went full time in 2007. I think everyone had a good time, even the couple that came in, sat down and ate, and then left without saying anything. The class of 2007 is an easy bunch and we didn't mind sharing with them, but they would have enjoyed it more if they had stayed and joined in.

 After the happy hour Marcia and I headed to the bingo building. Mary and Gail were training us this year, they had done the bingo for 10 years and this year they were hanging up their keys. Marcia and I had different ideals as to how bingo should be run, but since this was their last year and they were teaching us we followed their lead. Mary started calling, and then I called the last 10 games, and I could call bingo a couple times a week if it were possible.

 Wednesday morning I volunteered to help out in the popcorn booth, there were three of us, one running the popper adding popcorn, and oil, and two were opening bags, salting the popcorn, filling the bags, and stacking them on a table where people were picking them up faster than the popper could pop the popcorn. From 9:30 until 11 am we didn't have a chance to sit down. From 11 to 12 we had plenty popcorn sitting on the table in bags for anyone to grab a bag.

 Thursday I joined the Elks, I and 50 others joined the Elks Lodge # 2825. This lodge had right at 100 members before Thursday, and gained 51 members Thursday.  It was a special initiation and they waived some of the requirements because most if not all of the 51 were full timers and wouldn't be around long enough to do the regular initiation.

  As soon as I was sworn in, paid my dues, and got my card I was rushing to bingo. Marcia Gail, and Mary had things all under control and had already played half the games for the night. We all took a short break and then I took over the calling. Mary was happy to play bingo at an escapade, after being the caller for 10 years. She didn't win but she did enjoy daubing.

 Friday morning the donuts were free as was the coffee and orange juice as most everyone gathered to say good-bye. Many paid extra to stay a few more days because most of us didn't want to be running down the road on Labor day Weekend, but we wished those leaving safe travels, and made promises of meeting up somewhere down the road.

 Friday afternoon/evening we 20-30 of us gathered up for a potato bake. Everyone brought a baked potato and a topping. and some brought deserts too. It is amazing at what you can top a baked potato with, and mine had almost everything on it. After eating we played corn hole, and ladder-ball. The wind made it hard for some to throw the corn-bags accurately, (or maybe we/they just used the wind as an excuse, but either way everyone had a good time.

 Saturday we will southern pot-luck with soup beans, cornbread, and fried tatters, and I'm almost  sure someone will challenge someone to some kind of game........................

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