Sunday, September 18, 2011


We arrived here in Moab last Sunday with the intentions of staying a week. We have done a few 4x4 trails and enjoyed them 110%. We met Bill and Priscilla one morning, we saw the Escapee sticker on their RV and stopped to say hi. As it turned out it was a good stop because we have enjoyed their company all week.

 We had dinner a couple times, and we did a great 4x4 trail with them. Tower arch, is shown as a moderate trail in the books, but we found it to be a bit more than we wanted to a second time. Some of the places were climbing up and over huge steep slickrocks, some parts were almost straight up rocky climbs, and some deep sandy hills to crawl through. It was a great ride, and seeing the dinosaur foot prints again was awesome.

 Today was our planned departure but yesterday the etch-a-sketch got shook up a bit when we saw Mark and Lidia parked it the park, we met Mark and Lidia in Yellowstone a couple weeks ago. After sitting around talking with Mark, Lidia, Bill, and Priscilla, Marcia and I decided to spend an extra day in Moab so we could all do the "onion creek" trail today, since the rain spoiled any 4x4 rides Saturday.

 We checked to see if we all could extend an extra day at the OK RV Park. 2 out of 3 wasn't bad, our site had been reserved for tonight so we had to move. All the sites were either taken or reserved so we had a choice of doubling up on Bill and Priscilla's site, or move into a dry camping area. As it turned out their site was plenty long enough for us both, and there was an extra power pedestal so we chose that option.

 Around 10:30 we all loaded up in the jeeps and headed for Onion Creek by way of the last section of the La Sal Loop. Through town and east on 128 we went. After thirty some miles on the black top we hit the dirt roads. Once we got to the top of the mtn we stopped for lunch. Bill had been fighting a stomach bug all day so they headed back the black top road once we came down off the mtn, and we turned down another dirt road.

 We were doing the same roads Marcia and I had taken earlier in the week, we found them so awe-inspiring that we wanted to share the "awe" with everyone else. The trails were a lot rougher after the heavy rains Friday than when we had done them before, but still not as rough as the Tower Arch trail. Mark and Lidia enjoyed the ride, and I kept hearing AWE, from the back seat. It really is an awe-inspiring ride.

 The ride ended with dinner at McStiffs in Moab, the food was pretty good with no complaints, the company was great, and we got to chat with a few guys at the next table, visiting the US from Denmark.
Tomorrow we will leave Moab and all the fantastic 4x4 trails and beautiful scenery in hopes of finding more beautiful scenery and new friends on down the road. We know our paths will cross again with our new found friends and we will share more stories with them, and maybe even do some wheeling......

PS: pictures will come later..............

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