Monday, September 12, 2011

You heard the story now see the pics

After leaving Gillette our first stop was at a fishing hole going into Yellowstone. We walked down to the river and had to cross this little stream before we got to the river. Marcia was having a hard time keeping her ballance.
From a small island in the river this is what we saw.

This is the view from our window in the rig.

Once in Yellowstone this is one of the areas where steam comes out of the ground.

In honor of Jay Carter we had donuts the day he was burried. Jay loved his Crispy Creams.

Our rig in the CG in Yellowstone, and the sattelite on the roof picked up a signal.

One of the waterfalls you can find in Yellowstone.

Entering the Grand Teton from Yellowstone we stopped at this lake for a picture.
You have to look close, maybe even enlarge the pics following, but there is a mommy bear and three cubs. Remember these pics are from my cell phone.

Yes that is SN*W on that mtn, and Bobbie did a three day hike up there.

On our way to Moab we stopped on the top of this mtn to eat lunch. What a view.

About 40 miles north of Green River we found this rest area where we spent the night.

The rest area views.

Our first day ride in Moab brought us some AWESOME VIEWS.

We wind up where you see the clouds meeting the mtns. The Colorado Rives is at the bottom of those mtns.

But first we have to drive through this.

There is a trail going between those mtns.

We saw many rock formations like this one.

The sign at Arches National Park says it best.

Marcia had to attack this goat.

We have seen so much neat stuff, and so many neat places, I can't understand how anyone could sit in one place their entire life. I love living in our RV and changing our backyard when ever we chose to......

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  1. Well done, Joe! Beautiful photos! Fulltiming is so much better than always seeing your neighbors house


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