Friday, October 16, 2009

Algodones MEXICO

We are parked at KOFA Co-OP in Yuma AZ. This is one of Marcia's favorite parks, and I really enjoy the weather and the HOT TUB. I wish all SKP Parks had hot tubs, it sure does feel good on my aching bones.

Yesterday we spent the day in Algodones Mexico searching out a dentist. With over 130 dentists in the small town it was easy to find one, but finding the one I felt most comfortable with was another story. I saw 4-5 dentists and had exams by them all, and they all offered their "special price". The one I really wanted and liked was way too cheap to consider having the work done there, so we decided that I should sleep on it.

We had the rig parked at the casino near I-8 where we had spent Wednesday night, so once we left Mexico we drove the rig to a Pass Port America park that is just south of Kofa, but we didn't have any cell service there so we came back to Kofa. The cell service here isn't very good, but we can receive a call. (sometimes)

At the SKP Park we met Johnny, an elderly lady that travels around. She is very active, she swims, plays pool, kayaks, and even volunteers at habitat for humanity builds. While in FL last year she got really upset because they wouldn't let her do anything at one of the builds. After playing pegs and jokers with Johnny and another lady we took advantage of the hot tub. It was NICE!!!!

Today we went back to Mexico and I tried one more dentist, one that was had stopped at 2 years ago when we were here because they had a SKP sticker in their window. The dentist examined me and I liked the way he did it so he will be doing the work on me tomorrow. After tomorrow I should have a smile almost as pretty as Marcia's.

We had to stop at the purple store on the way out of Mexico today. We bought some CHEAP tequila ($1.60 a liter) for margaritas, and Marcia bought some Kahlua, and we got out limit of 1 carton each of smokes. We bought Pall-Malls for $16 a carton which is cheaper than we can find ANY brand here in the states, and they are made in the states. Something is wrong when you can buy something made here cheaper in Mexico than here.

Tonight we sat in the hot tub for about 30 minuets after we got back from supper, and Wal-Mart. Later I will have a post on Mexico and the food we have enjoyed while we were there. Tomorrow we will return to Mexico and I will come back with a new smile.......(and empty wallet).......

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  1. When your over in Algodones have a shrimp taco for us. Thanks
    Tom & Paula


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