Thursday, October 8, 2009

Hot Springs

We had a nice couple days at Ft Huachuca, I got to reminisce about when I was stationed there back in the 70's, (not degrees), and we saw some amazing sunsets. Our first day there we saw two javelinas near the Apache Flats RV Park.

The park is a first rate park, the sites have concrete pads plenty wide enough for any rig, and a smaller concrete pad where the picnic table sits, and it is large enough to set out a few chairs with the picnic table. There is an office that shares the laundry room, and game room, with restrooms and showers on the other end. They also have an open air type building with a pool table and plenty tables and chairs for pot lucks or parties. The staff and really friendly, and they keep the park very well maintained.

Jon's company is going through a change of command so he was kept pretty busy while we were there, but we did get to spend some time with him during the evenings. We enjoyed the hospitality of the mess hall one evening, and for $4.25 each we saw it as a real bargain. although most G I's think the mess hall food isn't as good as it should be, we thought diner that night was very good. (the $4.25 each made it that much better) We had Italian sausage, potato wedges, broccoli casserole, YELLOW cake with CHOCOLATE icing, pudding and pie, while Jon had a dried out hamburger.

Here is a picture of our G I Jon.

Here is a picture of our G I Jon and me an ex-G I Joe.

We left Ft Huachuca heading to Tucson, but when we came to I-10 we decided to turn south so we could spend a night at Saguaro Co-Op. It is an Escapee Co-op park. It is nice, but I have never been too impressed with it. Once we got set up we took off in search of a hot spring.

the lady that checked us in didn't know where there were and had never visited one around Benson, so I did a little checking on the net and found three close to Stafford AZ, about 75 miles away. We jumped into the tracker and took off searching for Roper Lake State Park, which has a hot spring in the park.

We got side tracked before we arrived at the state park by a sign pointing the way across the desert to Hot Springs Dunes. HSD is on BLM land and allows camping near the hot springs. We drove about 15 miles across the desert on a dirt road, and then another 5-10 miles on a semi blacktop road before we arrived at Hot Spring Dunes.

HSD is a popular place for off road riding in sand buggies, quads, and what ever else you want to ride on/in out in the desert. We were lucky to only see one tag a long trailer camped near the hot spring. We took full advantage of to hot spring and soaked for about half an hour. The water we PERFECT !!!!! really warm.

Here is Marcia standing in the "natural hot spring".

Thursday AM we left Benson and drove up to the Desert Diamond Casino near Tucson where Marcia will be getting another BINGO fix.....


About the picture on the blog home front, It is of the night sky while we were visiting Ft Huachuca. The sunset was so beautiful that night, and it had us in awe. Then we looked the other way and saw the amazing sight, Marcia took several pictures of the sunset, and one of the moon with the light reflecting off the clouds. The sunsets didn't turn out but this one did.....

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