Sunday, October 18, 2009


We really enjoy spending time in Mexico, even though it is a small Mexican Town we always find neat stuff there. Once you leave AZ on I-8 it isn't far to the exit leading to Los Algodones, and you will see the new casino when you get off I-8. About a mile down the road you come to the border crossing leading into Mexico. We don't drive into Mexico, we park in the $5 parking lot if there isn't an empty spot on the side of the road.
Here I a picture looking into Mexico from the parking lot.

Once you walk into Mexico be prepared to have Mexicans asking if you need dentist, eye glasses, or whatever. They will tell you they can get you the best deal. Some have even ask us to step into the store so they can rip us off. (by selling us some cheap novelty item). They will tell you it is almost free, and if you see something you like they will offer it to you at a special price. They will always take less than their starting price. They like Americans that don't talk them down because the make a lot more $$.
In this picture Marcia is looking at the stained glass products. They ask us $200 for a stained glass piece for the RV door. By the time we had left they was down to $35, but my top dollar was $30 and they wouldn't come down to that.

Here is a picture of one of the streets in Algodones.

Here is one of out favorite eating places in Algodones. Jose owns it and he does up some really good food, and it is really a good deal, but ask for the prices before you order.

He does most of the meats on the sidewalk, and his helpers work the grill inside the shop.

We eat there quite offten when we are in the Yuma area.

Jose is always on the move, and treats his customers really well, he also speaks English.

Here is the shop that we bought my glasses and Marcia got her contacts. Wal-Mart can't even compete with their prices.

OK Now to the dentist. This is the one I decided on. Partly because of the SKP sticker in the window, and partly because I liked the way he did the exam. He wasn't the cheapest one we found but I felt comfortable in his chair.

Most of the dentists I saw over the past few days didn't speak English, so their assistant was the interpreter and the assistant.

I wanted a picture of me with the dentist so I would know exactly what he looked like in case he screwed something up, I would have his picture to put on the wanted posters.

All in all he didn't do too bad, he fixed the front teeth and I will have to go back tomorrow, at least one more trip!

For us a trip to Mexico is a fun adventure, and we save $$ by buying things over there. Like the $1.60 bottle of tequila for the MARGARATOR. and the $15 carton of smokes. Like is good..........


  1. Hey, Joe! Lookin' good! Roger says you look just like "Smiling Bob" on the TV commercials. LOL

  2. Well Joe in that last picture you look like you finished off one of those bottles of tequila before you got out of the chair !!! lol

    Jean says "looooooking goooood"!!!!

  3. Yeah, you do look a bit wasted in that last photo, but I'm sure it's all better that way!!! ;7)

    They look great!

    Bobbie & Sal

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