Monday, October 19, 2009

Done with the dentist (I HOPE)

Today we made the trip back to Algodones to see my dentist. It turned out to be a very PAINFUL trip, but I think it will also be my last trip. Unless something goes wrong I think He finished up today.

After the dentist we walked around Los Algodones looking at all the things they were trying to sell. I figured out that if I said I was looking for a million bucks they weren't as eager to keep on asking what we wanted, or what we were looking for.

We did wind up buying a satellite dish painted with a desert scene. Why I need another satellite dish is beyond me, but now I have one painted up really nice. It really amazes me how they can take a few cans of spray paint and a few pieces of paper and make a beautiful picture on almost anything.

After we left Mexico, (with another bottle of tequila for the MARGARATOR) we drove over to the foothills to look at a motorcoach. It was a 2003 Holiday Rambler Endeavor with the diesel motor. Marcia fell in love with the insides, but the coach has sit for 2 years. The lady selling it was very vocal about it having "new" tires, and they were new almost three years ago when they bought it. She was also very proud of having it washed and waxed twice a year, ( I think she deserves a refund myself ). Several things I saw and the fact that it has sit for two years told me we need to keep looking.

Marcia has gone to play bingo at the casino tonight so I will enjoy the hot tub solo tonight. Tomorrow will be a "relaxing" day, and we will get things ready for the long trip to Vegas later this week. ( it will take us a few days to get there ).....

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