Saturday, October 31, 2009

Back to YUMA

We had a great time with the kids in Vegas, and the grand baby was a real treat to be with. I am pretty sure the kids and G B had a good time while they were in Vegas. Their return flight was not as fun, the plane leaving Vegas was delayed, but their connecting flight in St Louis was right on time. It left before they got there, so the kids had to spend the night in St Louis. They had a flight to Nashville early the next morning, but it was canned due to mechanical problems. They finally got out of St Louis around noon, and back home Friday evening.

We decided to leave Vegas Friday AM and head back to Yuma. The dentist didn't do as good of a job as I had hoped he would so I'll be going back Saturday AM. We will be hanging around Yuma until I get all this dentist stuff FINISHED.

I did find a few RV's on Craigs List that we are going to look at. Maybe we will find one that suits our needs, wants and pocket book. The first two are pretty easy to meet, but finding an RV that meets the third one is the problem. They told me I couldn't use my Monopoly Money at the last place we looked.

Tonight we are parked in a casino parking lot, really close to Mexico. We went in to eat, Marcia had a full rack of ribs, (she brought half back to the rig) and I had a bowl of soup. Yea soup, I really should have listened to my mom more. After we ate Marcia made her donation, and I tried to, but the machines kept giving me more back than I put in, so after the third machine I decided to just take their money back to the rig along with Marcia's half rack of ribs.

Tomorrow I get to visit the dentist a g a i n............

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  1. Good luck with the dentist! Hope he improves on things for ya!! I hate dentists!


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