Sunday, October 4, 2009

The slow down

Yes it is a slow down, not of our traveling, or our activities, it is me writing my blog. I will not be doing a daily blog where I just tell everyone what we did that day however exciting or boring it was. I will try to do the blog at least once a week, I'm sure everyone isn't bored to the point that they want to know every detail of our full timing adventure, so I am going to write "my journal" but not post it in the blog.
I will attempt to give a weekly synopsis of our travels, and I will try to add enough pictures of whatever to the blog.

Tuesday we left Ray and Elen and drove to Tucson where we visited with Pam, Jon, Bill Andrew, Brian, and a couple class mates David and Kathy. We stayed a few nights at Tra-Tel RV Park just off of I-10. It was a decent P A Park, and the were plenty empty sites so we had plenty room around us. The new managers were terrific, although they didn't know Nick and Terry Russell.

Friday we took the rig down on the south side of town to get estimates on getting the roof FIXED. One place wanted to keep the rig a few days to give us an estimate, (we settled on an appointment 2 weeks away). The second place said the roof was so screwed up they wouldn't touch it, and the third place would only give an estimate on replacing the rubber, and the roof rack, and repairing the cut satellite cable. They said they couldn't give an estimate on repairing the roof until they had the rubber off.

After the discouraging news all day we just stayed on the south side and parked the rig at Agave Gulch FamCamp on Davis Monthan Air Force Base. Shortly after we got set up our friends and class mates David and Kathy rolled in. We spent several hours catching up and exchanging horror stories.

Saturday we pulled out early and drove the rig to Arleen's house where we borrowed her driveway. She is visiting back east so I'm sure she didn't mind too much. Later that evening we had a cookout at Jon and Pam's. The "Margarator" was in action and some were doing shots. The steaks were good, and the rest of the food was great. The company was great, and we got to meet Andrew's soon to be new bride. (CRS has set in and I can't remember her name).

Sunday morning we drove the rig down to Ft Huachuca where we parked it at Apache Flats. (The campground on Ft Huachuca.) Our son Jon came to visit us soon after we arrived. It was really good to see him again, he looks like the Army is taking really good care of him. Now we are waiting on Jon to finish some chores before we all head out to find a nice place to eat tonight.

More to come in the following days...

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  1. I am so sorry you have decided to discontinue blogging your daily activities. I kinda liked seeing the everyday things you did, where you ate, what you did. Bobbie


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