Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Down on the Farm

OK  I have to re-learn blogspot! Things have changed since my last update so all my pictures are in reverse order tonight. Oh well since I am not going to delete and re post the pictures I'll tell the story then explain the pictures.

We left Bledsoe Creek State Park Sunday morning headed to our friends Shelia and John Shepard's new farm. Shelia always liked and wanted horses so after their young-ens moved out they moved too. (maybe so their kids couldn't find them) They bought a large horse farm, minus the horses. They have a beautiful house, plenty of room, a horse barn, and Sheila even has an office on the farm. (and now an RV park for one)

When we arrived I found it a bit tricky getting the Kountry Star backed into an area between the pond and the barn. After a lot of help from Marcia and John I managed to get the rig parked, and only tore off one of the air horns in the process. (it was an easy fix to replace it)

We had a terrific meal, Shelia and Marcia worked hard at preparing the feast for us. Afterwards we finished the best of three games of cornhole!  It was a close game but the Shepard's found themselves trying to keep up with the Jones'.

Monday John took a trip to Home Depot and picked up everything needed to run 50 amp service for us. (Shelia better hang on to that guy cause he is a keeper for sure)  Marcia and myself picked up some laminate to re-do the floors in the Kountry Star. Something about camping and carpet don't mix, and I'm happy to see the RV industry starting to do away with the carpet in RVs.

John and I started laying the laminate after Marcia and I pulled the carpet and got the MH ready for the change. It was hard getting started because of the slideout, but after much deliberating we got the first few pieces down before we quit to eat again. (we do eat a lot)

John and Shelia went to WO** (dirty four letter word) today and
Marcia and I played with the laminate. We had it laid except for the last four pieces when John got home, so we let him cut the last four pieces, and we even let him put three of them in. (I'm saving the LAST piece for ME) When Sheila finally returned from wo** (I'll have to wash my mouth and fingers out with soap for using those dirty 4 letter words) the girls went to the big house to fix a special supper for us all. Fresh green beans, tomatoes, and cucumbers we picked up from a roadside stand. I think Shelia could be pregnant because she was craving pasta so she made that to go with the other stuff. What a meal!

Tomorrow I'll pickup the needed trim work to finish off the flooring job, Marcia will get to clean up the mess, John will go to the dirty four letter word, and Sheila has some job thing that will take her out of town for a couple days. I'm not sure when we will leave the great hospitality of the Shepard's, but rest assured when ever it is we will already be looking forward to returning to the farm.

The new floor!

A nice picture from across the pond of the Kountry Star.

That is Shelia's office to the left of the MH

John and Shelia's new house!

This is one of the many deer that allowed us to sit and watch them while we spent time at Bledsoe Creek. 

I'm sorry this wasn't told with the pictures inserted in the story, but you do get to see them and read the summery of our last couple of days. More to come later.......................


  1. Joe,floor looks great,did you lay it in loose or glue it down. Might do ours in Benson this winter and use their shop.

    Play safe & drive careful
    Sandy & Mike

  2. Hey Mike, I used the laminate that snaps together, and I glued each piece together. It is NOT glued to anything else. The only trouble I had was getting the first few pieces under the rollers on the slide. The install kit was a BIG help, well worth the $15, it made the hammering to get the pieces in place a minute task. All the tools we used was a chop saw, table saw to rip the pieces that needed ripped, and a jig saw to cut some of the tricky cuts.
    We spent about four hours getting the first few pieces under the rollers, and I did the rest in one day. ( I'm s l o w....)
    Hope it is as easy as our when you tackle the job.


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