Sunday, July 25, 2010

Which way to turn at the next red light?

 We are really enjoying our time here on the farm, we have started calling it "Shepard's RV Park", but the time is coming to roll the wheels again. The thoughts of WI and the U P of MI have run across the etch-a-sketch, but then so has the BRP, (Blue Ridge Parkway) and Natches Trace!

 With the high humidity and unusually high temperatures we need to find cooler weather. I never thought I would be saying that here in KY/TN, but I am. The upper 90's combined with high humidity has me sitting inside a lot more than I want to be, and then add the shock of coming into the AC from outside or leaving the AC and stepping into the oven and I ask myself WHY, we have wheels under the house.

 Marcia and Sheila have had too many laughs (which is good) and John has been so much help lending tools and expertise, we really thank them both! We have started making plans for an "all inclusive" vacation to Mexico with the four of us. That will be a very interesting trip if it all pans out.

We had the privilege of meeting John's son Dustin, and his wife Lindsy, they are expecting their first baby in a couple weeks. We wish the young couple the very best.

 Tomorrow AM we will pack everything up and start out, and sometime between now and the first red light we come to I will have to decide which way to turn. It really is nice to be in a position that my major decision is going to be which way to turn at the next red light. Check back to see which way it was, and which way we turn at the light after that......


  1. Hey Joe, The weather up here in Michigan is gorgeous! High 70s during the day with a slight breeze and in the 60s at night! Great sleeping weather! Come on up! We are headed for Ann Arbor in the morning.

  2. Hey Joe, it is cool and awesome here in Grand Teton NP in upper Wyoming! High's in the mid to upper 70's during the days and in the 40's to sleep! It's great! Come and visit this direction!!!


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