Saturday, July 31, 2010

We found them (70's)

 After spending too much time in KY and TN where it has been an unusually hot summer we left headed north. The first stop was the KY Horse Park because it was starting to rain, and after just washing the rig there was no way I was driving in rain if I could avoid it.

 We had just left our friends Sue and Niel, Jim and Chris, Wanda and Wallace, and a few others at the Raccoon Valley SKP Park. That was a short stay at Raccoon Valley, just long enough to take care of some banking and to get the rig washed, but we were happy that we did get to see them all even though it was only a short visit.

 At the horse park we pulled into the primitive electric area since we had water and was only staying long enough to avoid the rain and to make a trip to Woodford Reserve Distillery to get our last stamp on our Bourbon Tour Passport.

 Well after dark we had an unexpected visitor, we were watching TV when Marcia jumped up saying "there is someone out there, trying to get in".  As I looked toward the door I could see a small light being waved around as if they were looking for the door handle. After all was said and done it was the lady that was camping a few sites down from where we had parked. She was very apologetic and said she should have realized she was at the wrong rig because ours is a class A and theirs is a class C.

 Thursday AM we got up and drove to the Woodford Reserve Distillery where we got our last stamp. We chose not to do either of their three tours. They are the only distillery that charges a fee to take their tour, and really I have never heard of that brand of bourbon.

 We rushed back to the rig so we could continue or journey north. The lady that disturbed us the night before came up to us as we were hooking up the jeep to the Kountry Star and apologized again, and again. She was really embarrassed about it.

 After a call to our friends Phil and Linda in Lancaster OH we decided we would head towards MI instead of spending a few days in OH. I-75 is a road we have traveled many times, but it is also the quickest way out of KY so that is the road we took. Once in OH we started looking for back roads, even though we still had no ideal where we were going except the U P of MI.

 We chose 127 and hit it in Eaton OH. We stopped in Van Wert OH at a Wal-Mart to spend the night, where we were once again startled while watching TV. Some kids had decided to scare us by slapping the door with their hand. By the time we got to the door they were long gone. Maybe we should quit watching TV at night.

 Friday Am we drove to Heartland Woods RV resort near Jackson MI where we met up with our friends Walt and Donna. Walt and Donna was the first couple we met after we moved the mattress out of the house and into the Santara back in 2007. They are headed east and we will continue north come Sunday AM, but it is good to meet up with friends all over the country.

 The best news I have heard was today on the local TV station. The weather forecast is for highs to be in the upper    S E V E N T I E S  today.That is right where I like it, lower 80's, upper 70's life is good when you can just drive your home a few hundred miles to be in the perfect weather.......

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