Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Where to next?

I finished my doctors appointments yesterday, I won't know the results until the VA calls or sends me a letter. The CT Scan went like all the others except I thought it was at 12 PM and it wasn't until 1PM so we had a longer wait than expected.

Corey came up to visit us and he brought Miss Jaelynn so after the scan we had several hours to kill before I had the sleep-study. We did the park thing and Jaelynn had a great time playing, and we had a gr8 time watching her.

After a dinner at Denny's we parted ways, I went to the VA Hospital, and Marcia Corey and Miss Jaelynn went back to the rig. I had a terrible night trying to sleep with all those wires attached, topped off by over doing it all day while "hanging" around waiting.

Today I did catch a couple naps and I think my body is back on track. Tomorrow we will be leaving Bardstown, but as I write this we still don't know which way we will be turning at the next red light......

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