Thursday, July 8, 2010

When Things just go RIGHT.

We left Middlesboro yesterday, leaving dad, Scott, Corey, and Miss Jaelynn at Long John Silver's seafood. We left pulling the jeep behind the Kountry Star. I thought the jeep was a bit harder to pull than the tracker had been, until I adjusted my seat. After sitting at Raccoon Valley for several weeks I had moved my seat around, it was right for using the computer,but not for driving.

Once the seat was adjusted I could hardly tell the jeep was in tow. I am happy that we have a rear-view camera so I can watch it as we drive a long life's highways. We found the Wall-Mart in Bardstowns KY and parked the rig there for the night. We had ran the gen set all day to keep the rig cool, and was able to cut it off around 9PM.

Today we drove on to My Old KY Home Campground. A nice CG surrounded by a golf course. This is a state park and since I am in the system as a KY resident, and the new law allowing 100% disabled vets free camping, (3 nights) we are staying on the state for three nights.

I wasn't sure we were going to stay here because the CG is covered by large oak trees. Trees are nice but they prevent satellite reception, and we really enjoy our TV at times. We worked it out with the camp host to try it for one night, I figured that would give me time to check out the commercial campgrounds in the area.

We were assigned site #1, I thought I might be able to get the external dish out and find a hole in the trees enough to get reception for the TV. Marcia guided me into the site, we leveled up the rig. (amongst all the trees)

A lot of trees around this part of the country.

I decided to "hit the button" on the track vision. No way did I expect it to find a signal, let alone find satellite 101 on the very first try. But when things are meant to be they just work out. We got 87% reception on the first try. And with the three free nights we will hang out here until after my doctors appointments next week.

Last year at Raccoon Valley we saw a neat idea for catching the water running off the roof from the AC, so I copied it!

The rig we saw with this set-up last year had a clothespin attached to the downspout, as you can see I used a clip that we use to close potato chip bags.

As the string gets wet the water running off the roof follows the string to the attached bucket. From around 11:30 AM until 7:30 PM today we collected 5 gallons of water. Marcia used it to water the flowers around one of the signs here at the CG.

We will spend the next few days exploring the area from My Old Kentucky Home State Park, Monday we will drive the jeep to Lexington for my appointments, and "the etch-a-sketch" shows us moving on sometime next week.......

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