Sunday, March 29, 2009

A day with special friends and Class Mates

Today was a terrific day at Rainbows End in Livingston Texas. the morning was a little on the cool side but as you can see in the pictures the skies were clear, the sun was shining, and there was no wind blowing. I set up the camera to take our picture just so I can look back on today and know I wasn't dreaming about nice weather here in Livingston. Since we arrived last week we have seen a lot of clouds, a lot of thunderstorms, and cold temperatures. I credit Bob and Molly for bringing the warmth up from Rockport where they have been the past few days. I sure am happy that they did too.

As I said earlier we ate at Florida's Kitchen last night and we enjoyed it so much we knew we would go back for seconds. When we told Bob and Molly about it they were ready to try it out right then, so we all piled into their Envoy and headed to Florida's Kitchen. While Bob parked the truck I had to snap a picture of the two ladies on Florida's Porch. Notice the banner hanging in the upper left corner! Someone else must have enjoyed the food too.

How about a close up for those without their glasses on?

Bob had to order the ribs, something about all the food at the reunion has caused a lot of us to refrain from eating certain foods, but ribs are on the list that we can eat. This plate of ribs came with roasted vegetables and a salad.

I myself haven't committed to the full fledged diet like some, I just try to limit the portions I eat, and try to eat three (or four) meals regularly. This sliced brisket sandwich was enough for me to have today for lunch, and tomorrow for lunch. The waitress brought me a small container of their BBQ sauce and a to go box, so I'm all set for lunch tomorrow.

While driving back to the CG Marcia and Molly spotted this huge field filled with these funny looking weeds so we stopped to enjoy the moment. I guess some people call them flowers, and here in Texas they call them Blue Bonnets. I always thought blue bonnet was a margarine.

Someone grabbed the cameras and caught me trying to take a nap. It was pretty peaceful lying there in the field of blue weeds, but then I felt really secure because I was resting my head in my baby's lap. I think she was enjoying being in the field of flowers. I know all four of us were snapping away with our cameras.

I even caught Bob and Molly taking advantage of a very special day. What more could a person ask for, we had clear skies, warm temperatures, no wind, and a beautiful field of flowers to play in.

Once we got back to the rig I had to do some maintenance on the rig that was long over do. Back in Bushnell I had filled the batteries with water and I must have over filled one of the cells because the posts had started corroding. I took the batteries out and cleaned them, I had to make each cable so I wouldn't cross any of them when I put them back. I then cleaned the cables and the battery box with baking soda. After I put it all back together Bob, Molly and Marcia returned from their walk.

All that remained was cleaning up my mess and taking a shower before we played hand and foot Skip-Bo style again, and since we had let the girls win last night we avenged the loss with a couple wins. It was nice enough that we played on the picnic table next to the rig.
After spending a relaxing day in the field, and playing cards it came time to eat again. We had thawed out the chili that I had made for the reunion so we heated it up, Molly made a Chicken Chefs salad, and Marcia broke out the remainder of the potato salad that she had made. Now remember the diet thing I was talking about earlier? This potato salad didn't have any potatoes in it, it was made with cauliflower instead of potatoes. To be a "healthy" food, low carbs and all, it was pretty good.
We finished off the day by allowing the girls to beat us at a couple more games of hand and foot, (I think Bob is bribing Molly for a new truck) and then we watched the TV show "THE UNIT". What a terrific day we had today, it makes all the storms and clouds all worth while.

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