Friday, March 27, 2009

Where is the sun?

Yesterday I sat in the rig waiting for Marcia to get off work, I did manage to catch a few zzz while I waited. The weather here in Livingston has not been very nice, last night and yesterday we had thunderstorms, today we had more of the same.
Marcia and I did slip off last night to grab a meal at one of the local Mexican restaurants. We went to one across the street from Wal-Mart and as soon as we walked in, we walked out. Something about the atmosphere turned me off really quick, and the lack of enthusiasm of the greeter. The building was almost new, but it was located behind a little strip mall, very hard to get into because you had to make a u turn, and then pull into the strip mall to get around behind the mall to the restaurant.
I guess passing it up the first time had me in non favorable mood about the place. Walking into the place you see a very large room, with really high ceilings, and tables scattered everywhere. It just wasn't a quiet atmosphere one would expect in a restaurant.
We drove around until we found another one on business 59. The name eludes me right now, but the prices were decent, and the food was OK. Nothing to write home about, but then we didn't get sick either.
After dinner we went back to the rig and waited out yet another storm. I went to bed, I figured if a tornado was going to take us away I wanted to be asleep when it hit.
Today was much of the same as yesterday. Storms came and went, and then more storms came and went, and we are waiting on even more storms. I keep asking myself why we left the FL sunshine.
I did find out the my weather radio that I bought to keep us informed about storms doesn't pick up crap around here, so I downloaded a program off the weather channels web site to warn me. I can also one click the weather for this area from my desktop, so now I one click and watch the Doppler radar in an attempt to know when the rains will stop, and the storms will pass.
I went to the activities center for "social hour" today, Joe and Kay Peterson host the social hours on most Fridays.Seeing the couple that started the whole Escapees RV Club was very interesting. Kay is really the spunk behind the club I think. They had some guy talk about the health fair that is going on next week. after he ran out of things to talk about Kay took over introducing the new people in the park.
Kay has a way of living up a place,and she will put you on the spot. She ask all the new people in the park to come forward, and then she ask all the guys to tell their name and how they heard about SKPs. She then ask the gals to tell their name and to tell how they met their guys. Some of the stories was really interesting, like the couple that had been married for 58 years.
After the social hour I returned to the rig and started watching the weather gain. When will the rain and storms stop here in east Texas?

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