Monday, March 30, 2009

Just a lazy day

Today we awoke to cloudy skies, but the temperature wasn't too bad. We had so business we had to deal with, luckily we were able to do it over the phone. Afterwords we walked down or over to the Escapees Headquarters to register for the Escapade coming up in May.
Like almost everything else we have attempted to do here we ran into a slight problem. The lady that handles the registrations here had taken the day off to visit her dentist, and the lady that was filling in couldn't answer our questions, so tomorrow I will go back and talk to the lady that handles the Escapade.
Being unsuccessful in registering for the Escapade we walked down to the Care Center in hopes to take the tour. Remember the CC tour we couldn't take last week because they we all tied up with their yard sale? Well this week it is the Health Fair that everyone is involved with, so we couldn't take the tour again this week. Hey we will be here until May 1 so maybe, just maybe, we will get to take it before we leave.
I was ready to just relax after striking out twice already, so after lunch that is exactly what I did. I was relaxing so well that I just fell right off to sleep. After my nap we walked over to where The Two Crazy Ladies are, meeting Marty coming into the park. We talked to Marty for awhile and invited him to social hour, but he wanted to get set up and relax himself. We then walked on over to the Two Crazy Ladies site and talked with them until almost time for the social hour.
During the social hour several couples and a few solo's were introduced as being new to the park. Several announcements were made and a few jokes were told. I just can't understand why some people have to get up in front of a crowd to tell a joke that is older than dirt, or doesn't have a punch line, but it happens almost everywhere you go.
After supper we went to the clubhouse to play hand and foot with Bob and Molly. Remember yesterday we let them win? Well I didn't tell how we had to suffer through their celebrations after both games that they won. They tried to rub it in really hard, but we just let them have their glory.
Tonight was a different story, we really poured it on them tonight. Now Bob and I are not usually ones to brag a lot, but the conversation about them posting their glory on the blog, and never posting anything about our wins caused me to tell the world about tonight.

This is the score sheet from tonight. Take note the big X the girls put on the first game, the score was 1520 to 805, our score was almost double their score. Now the second game we were hurried a bit because Bob wanted to watch a TV program, we really had to score big points the last hand so Bob wouldn't miss the start of his program.
The girls walked out to go for their nightly walk while I stepped out to smoke after that hand. Bob got to watch his program, I got to come home to work on my blog, and the girls tried to cool off I guess after the thrashing we gave them.

It was all fun, even last night when we lost, because being with friends is always enjoyable.

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