Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Rainbows End

Today is our third day at Rainbows End and we did part of the tour. They have tours every Tuesday and Thursday. The tours start off at the Club House

with a brief description of the Escapees history, a quick tour of the mail room,

and then upstairs for a quick presentation by Mark Nemeth, Kellie Rossow, and Angie Carr, followed by a grand tour on the trolley car.

The trolley car only sits 16 people and there were 18 on the same tour we were part of so we gave up our seats and will take the tour again when there aren't as many people on the tour. Besides "Howwe" the mail room machine wasn't working today so maybe he will be in operation when we do the tour again.
The Escapees RV Club has exceeded the expectations of Joe and Kay Peterson by far. The comment was made that Kay had stated they may grow to have 100 members in the Escapees RV Club one day, and today there has been 103,114 members.
We will have five more weeks here before we take the month of May off to play, so I will take the tour another day and try to give a better description of it then.

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  1. Intercourse, Pa? How funny! I love your comment about ice in the margarita and not the water hose.
    Your humor really adds a nice touch! Clear skies, Mark and Renita


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