Tuesday, March 31, 2009

Spaghetti Dinner

Today after Bob and Molly left the weather remained nice. Marty and I made a run to the tobacco store because tomorrow the prices go up. Tomorrow April 1st 2009 the federal tax on tobacco products goes into effect, 60 cents per pack on cigarettes some say, others say it will be $1 per pack, and some say it will be 61 cents per pack. Either way the taxes on tobacco is killing the budgets of us tobacco users.
I prepared a spaghetti dinner for us after we returned from the tobacco run. We invited Marty to join us, and he offered to bring several things and when I told him they were already taken care of he ask if he could bring a salad and wine, and I said sure.
We had a wonderful meal and I didn't even eat too much, although I did eat too much bread for the diet we are on. After eating we shared stories with Marty about our travels and got some good ideals on places we would like to visit. After an hour or so of exchanging tips and stories we called it a night.
Good food, good company, and decent weather, what more could a person ask for?

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