Wednesday, March 25, 2009


Today we were planning to tour the Escapees Care Center. They have a tour almost everyday at 11AM.

Here is a picture of the care center, and as you can see they are gathering things for the yard sale tomorrow Friday and Saturday.

As we walked in to take the tour we were informed the tours have been canceled because they are preparing things for the big yard sale. Just our luck, yesterday there was too many on the tour so we gave up our seats knowing we would be around for a few weeks and we would have the opportunity next week to take the tour, and today we can't take the care center tour because of the yard sale. But we will be here for 5 weeks and we will take the tour next week.

We did go inside to see the yard sale items, and this is part of what we saw.

We did browse around and found a few items we couldn't live without, and we were allowed to purchase said items before the yard sale started.
After we browsed around we decided we would help them set things up. I emptied bags of "stuff" and placed them on the appropriate tables, and Marcia sorted and folded clothes putting them in some sort of order.

Everyone broke for lunch so we thought since we were there we would eat with them in the care center. They were having BBQ Ribs, and they smelled really good.
B U T our luck hadn't changed, apparently to eat at the care center you have to let them know the day before that you will be joining them. I can understand the cook needs some kind of count to know how much food to prepare, but you think they would let people know reservations are required, or make some extra for people wanting to join them that don't know reservations are required.

Any way we took a trip into town and visited Mickey D's and I had my fish fix for the week. Mickey D's here don't have the 49 cent burgers like we enjoyed in FL. I wander what's up with that?

Tonight Marcia will go into town to play BINGO, and I will sit at home watching the Kentucky Wildcats Play basketball.

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