Saturday, March 28, 2009

What to DO on COLD or WET Days

Everyone knows living in an RV is one of the greatest ways to live. Most of the time we are in areas where the temperatures are great,and sunny skies, but what do we do when it is cold, windy, or raining?
A lot of rv'ers read books, some play or work with their computers, there is always something to do in the clubhouse, (if you are where a clubhouse is) and I'm sure some have their own ways to keep occupied when the weather isn't favorable to be outside.
I myself have done several things, such as my chairs that I re-seated, or the wagons I have built houses for, I have even done some painting.

This is the latest in my wagons, Carol a lady we met at Sumter Oaks gave me this little wagon because she seen the others that I had made, so I took a Coke carton and cut out this house to put in it, and after it was all glued and the glue had dried I painted it.
Some of the others I had made the house out of pop sickle sticks, and I may cut some sticks to cover this one the next time I'm stuck inside because of the weather.

Today the sun is shining, but the cold front has brought cool temperatures to Livingston. The high will only reach 61 today, and if you figure in the wind chill factor it will be COLD all day.
I did get out this AM and rode around Livingston in the tracker. I did stop by a motorcycle shop to look for a used bike. They didn't have a used one but they did have a new 08 XT 250. They guy let me take it for a test ride, (why couldn't it have been in the 70's)so I rode it a short way up the road and back. Once I rode it I had to find out what I could buy it for, so the negotiations begin. Once he quoted me his bottom dollar I told him I would get back to him.
After I got back to the rig I started checking prices, and looked on to see if there were any used ones in the area. I found a used XT 250 and sent the guy an e-mail asking a few questions not covered in his add. Time will tell if I even go look at the used one.
The temperature has almost hit 60 so I'll finish this another day.

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