Wednesday, September 30, 2009

The 7 Year Wait is Over

Today Marcia and I started out by driving to Davis Montham Air Force Base to get I D cards. We got about 5 miles from the rig when Marcia ask if she would need her DL, so we drove back to the rig to get it.

We then got to Swan Gate leading onto the base when we were directed to go to the main gate. So we turned around and drove to the main gate and went into the visitors center. We didn't have to wait long until a gentleman ask us to step up to his window, and we explained what we needed. He started filling out papers and then he ask for the tracker registration. Well I had taken it out a few days ago when I was cleaning it out and didn't put it back so we had to drive back to the rig across town. The man did give us a phone number to call to find out exactly what papers we needed to bring with us, and he did warn us that it would be a long time before they answered the phone.

Marcia started calling the number while I was driving us back to the rig, and shortly aster we dot back they answered the phone. It only took about 30 min for them to answer the phone, but when they did the lady said she would call me back after she talked to the VA and got all the information they needed to issue the ID Cards. It wasn't long before she called back and said they had all the information they needed for me, and that I would only need my DL, but Marcia needed several things. We quickly gathered the needed papers and were ready to try it again.

Just before we left my phone rang again and it we the insurance adjuster calling about the roof. He got the owner of Shoreline on three way calling and we discussed the piss pore job they did on the roof. The outcome is that I take it to a shop here in Tucson and Shoreline will pay for it. He will either pay it out of his pocket or he will turn it in on his insurance. So now I need to get estimated and fax them to the adjuster and to the owner of Shoreline.

Now that we had everything we thought we would need we drove back across town to the Air Base. The gentleman we saw the first time at the visitors center called us right up, he finished the paper work and gace us directions to where we needed to be to get our I D Cards made.

Once we got to that building we signed in and went into the waiting room where we watched the last part of "Night at the Museum", and the first part of Indiana Jones before our names were called. The process took about 20 min after we were called, and then we had military I D Cards. (retired)

We spent some time checking out the BX, Commissary, Campground, and the class VI store. We left the base and checked out a couple motorhomes we had seen listed in the RV Trader. Later we met Cousin Bill for dinner, we tried a new mom and pop Mexican joint close to his house. The food was decent, but the service was lacking, mainly due to the waitress not speaking English.

All in all it turned out to be a pretty good day, one that I have been waiting on for seven years now....

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