Saturday, January 23, 2010


Tuesday we put the Santara in the shop to have the THIRD roof put on. I am really hoping they do it right this time. After battling with shops from AZ to FL we finally found one that would give us an estimate to fix the rig.

We are staying across the street at Hampton Inn & Suites. It is a nice place, but it isn't home. I'm sure everyone knows a motel is good for an over night stay, but after a couple days you are really looking for your own bed at night. We do have a small microwave, and fridge in the room so it isn't as bad as having to dig in a cooler, and we don't have to keep the ice filled up like we had to at some of the other places we have stayed when they put the first two roofs on.

Walt and Donna are staying at Rally Park and have been a BIG help to us. They having lived in the area they know where all the good stuff is. Like Tuesday nights the all you can eat BBQ ribs for $9.99. Last night is was the Crazy Buffet, an Asian buffet with crab legs. Yes I did feel a little guilty for going back several times and loading my plate with legs.

They did get started on the roof last night, getting approvals from the insurance company took 4 days. This AM we went over to check the progress and I wanted to talk to the guys that would be doing the work. While there we met another couple, I can't remember their names but they are SKPs and they went FT last month. We invited they to join us later for lunch at Sleepy Hollow. Several of the "Class of 07" and several other couples are meeting there today at noon. It is always great meeting with other Full Timing RVers.

We will be picking up our new rig Friday 01-29-2010. We are really getting excited. Marcia has already remodeled it several time in her head, so I guess I had better watch out when we do get it. Tomorrow we are going to spend the afternoon with Heinze and Anne-Lise, the couple we are buying the Kountry Star from. I am really wanting to learn more about the rig and Marcia wants to see if some of her ideals will work out in the new rig.

I will try to post more pictures of the new rig soon, and the Santara will be for sale if you know anyone wanting an older gasser.

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  1. I understand the motel thing as we waited for 12 weeks for our rig. Congrats again on the new rig!


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