Monday, January 25, 2010

A rest day

Today Marcia and I got a chance to rest after running too much the past week. We kept pretty busy with the insurance company, Lazy Days, and spending time with friends.
Saturday we caught a ride with Walt and Donna to Sleepy Hollow up in Floral City where we met a whole slew of people. Bob and Molly, Howie and Nora, Paul and Connie, Bill and Helen, Janice and Dean, Walt and Donna, Tom and Paula, and several couples from Florida Grand. The $5 steak was good, but the visit with friends was priceless.
*****if you were there and I missed naming you I am sorry but the C R S is kicking in today***********
After socializing and eating several of us followed Bob and Molly home where we looked over their new rig, and socialized some more before checking out Howie and Norah's new rig with the SPECIAL PILLOWS. After so much talking and story telling we all needed to eat again so we headed to Mariachi's. Our favorite waitress has joined the Army so her nephew tried to fill her shoes. (he don't hold a candle to her) Then it was the long drive back to Seffner FL where we are staying.

Here is a picture of Walt, Donna didn't have her hair done so she didn't want me to post her picture. (I'm such a nice guy I respected her wish) but I still have them so she better be good to me.

Yesterday we drove back to Sebring where we talked to the current owners of the rig we are buying Friday. We spent most of the afternoon with them going over this and that on the Kountry Star. I think we are going to have to buy a trailer to pull behind it so we can haul all the things we have accumulated. The Santara has PLENTY of storage space, but it couldn't handle all the weight. The Kountry Star can handle the weight but finding room will be a problem. Oh well I'll think of something I'm sure.
Here is the present owners Heinze and Anne-Lise.

Here is another picture of the new to us Kountry Star.

Today we slept in, and then lounged around most of the day. We did go over to the storage building and rummaged through some stuff, and we checked on the progress of the roof on the Santara. We tried to hook up with Tom and Paula but a Lazy Days salesman had them shanghaied until late, so that will be on the agenda for tomorrow. Tonight we had sea food at Shells in Tampa. I don't care a lot for seafood but it wwas pretty good, and Marcia really enjoyed it.

Maybe Leen, our GPS in the tracker took us to several dive seafood joints before we found Shells, an a couple that had closed a few years ago. We call her Maybe Leen because MAYBE she will get us there and MAYBE she won't.

Stay tuned for more of the same in the next few days......

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  1. Twas wonderful seeing y'all!! And those ARE special pillows!!! Let me know when Marcia is ready for hers, and I will indeed, take cake of you!!! :)


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