Sunday, January 10, 2010

Looking at the Brighter Side

Here in Key West the weather has really been COLD. I say cold using my standards, anything below 70 degrees. Although the lows have dropped down to 48, today the high was only 55. We could be almost anywhere in the US and experiencing lows in the 30's or 20's or even lower, so we are thankful that we are freezing here in Key West.

The weather will start rebounding tomorrow, and I really hope this is the worst we will get this year. We will be here for another week before we take the Santara back to Lazy Days for another roof job.

The Santara is turning out to be a million dollar coach. Not really that much but if you figure the insurance company and I spent over $8,000.00 on a new roof in March of 08, and the insurance company spent another $8'000.00 in September of 09, and they will be spending another $20,000.00 + in a week or two, for the third new roof. This time we will be getting new ceilings too. I think we would sell it to them for about the same money as they are getting ready to spend on fixing the roof.

But that will be in a couple weeks and right now we plan on enjoying Key West.

We did manage to see the ORIGINAL MARGARITAVILLE store and bar, and had a couple Margaritas. We walked on the beach, and saw this beautiful house.

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  1. Hi guys...give us a call when you arrive...we're still here...we'll leave the light on for ya!!
    Miss you!


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