Friday, January 1, 2010


Since we can't pick up the new to us rig until Feb we decided not to hang around Wauchula and to head on to the Keys. Everyone knows we are "chasing the 70's" and what better place than the Florida Keys. We packed things up for the drive south and took off, leaving the SKP Co-Op.

The drive to Florida City just north of Key Largo was very uneventful, until we arrived at Wal-Mart. Several other rigs had the same ideal as we did, make it as close to the Keys as we could so the next day would be a short drive. The problem was they were having a party.

One guy had his Honda generator out and chained to his steps, and he was in the process of setting up his satellite dish that was mounted to a huge piece of ply wood. Two other couples were sitting between their rigs in their lawn chairs. Marcia and I walked into the store so she could do her shopping before we dropped into the Keys.

I was kind of glad that I wasn't feeling too well because that gave me the excuse to go inside and take a nap. The two couples did invite us to join them but I have seen too many Wal-Marts where you couldn't spend the night and I can't help thinking that situations like that were partly the cause.

After Marcia finished shopping and I took a short nap we decided to take the tracker to find something to eat. Cracker barrel wasn't too far away and we had a pretty good meal. When we returned to the rig we saw that several other rigs had arrived. Some were nestled in their rigs and others we sprawled out in their lawn chairs enjoying the hospitality of Wal-Mart and the warmth of southern FL.

We did stop by the "party" to wish them all a Happy New Year, and tell them we would see them tomorrow. Since they were headed to the same RV Park in Marathon FL as we were I figure we will be seeing more of them this week, and they are really friendly folk.

We pulled into Jolly Roger Park around noon and the two other rigs that we had seen at Wal-Mart pulled in right behind us. We got set up and took off exploring Marathon FL. We found a beach that we walked on, and we even walked in the water looking for sea shells. I think it is pretty good that we walked in the ocean on New Years Day 2010.

To close the blog for today I just want to say HAPPY NEW YEAR to everyone.

Here are a few pictures.

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  1. Happy New Year!!!!!!!!!!

    We stayed at the Jolly Roger 2 years ago. Enjoy the warm breezes and water.


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