Friday, January 8, 2010

Key West

We arrived in Key West FL Tuesday afternoon and the weather was COOL, not quite COLD compared to the rest of the country. The locals really thought it was COLD here, you could tell them by all the clothes they had on and the way they were bundled up.

Wednesday and Thursday were cool too, but we had to take in Duval street. Cruise ships pull in here and most of the people on them have to spend time and money on Duval Street. We weren't on a cruise ship but we too had to see Duval Street and Malory Square.

Malory Square would be a very nice place to watch the sunset except for the fences they have up and the cruise ships blocking the view. There are a lot of street performers doing their acts and asking for cash contributions. We enjoyed several of the performers and made donations for their efforts.

Today was really nice, the sun was shining, the temperatures were in the 70's (yea) so we took off to the beach. It was wonderful to walk the beach in our swim suits, we even got our feet wet wadding in the Atlantic Ocean. It was a little too cold to get in any deeper than our ankles.

After the Beach we came back to the rig and eat a late lunch before heading back to Duval street. Marcia had not had her Margarita from the original Jimmy Buffet's Margaritaville. I thought the Margaritas were expensive at Margaritaville in Las Vegas, but here in Key west they cost even more.

It was a pretty good day today, and I hope the next week or so is even better.....


  1. That is so awesome that you made it down to Key West! We definitely have to make that trip someday too. Don't stress on the cost of the Margarita! I'm with Marcia, you gotta get one there!!!!!!!! Have one for me too!!!!!!

  2. Happy to hear you've found the 70's, but we're JEALOUS! Be glad you didn't hang around TX or LA any longer--20's & 30's here!
    Brenda & Roger


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