Monday, August 2, 2010

Camp Grayling

Pictures will come later, ( I hope)!

After leaving our friends Walt and Donna we drove north to The Soaring Eagle Casino where we spent the night. Marcia got her bingo fix for a while, (didn't win any $$) and I got to relax a while. Today we finished our journey to Camp Grayling where we will rest up a couple days before heading up into the Upper Peninsula of Michigan.

 We will also explore around this area in the jeep. I am really looking forward to riding around on the back roads in the U P. From what I have heard we should see a lot of wild animals if we stop long enough. Today we saw our first black squirrel, I have heard about them but this was the first one I have actually saw. as fate would have it both the cameras were in the Kountry Star so we will have to take a few walks to try and capture the little rascal in a picture.

 I will try to get some pictures posted for you to enjoy, but for now I just want to let everyone know where we are and that we are having a good time.............

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