Thursday, September 16, 2010

Back in the Sunshine State

 Today we rolled the wheels long enough to make it to Sumter Oaks R V Park near Bushnell FL. I have figured out that we can make better time in the Kountry Star with its 330 Cummings Diesel motor than we did in the Santara with its big V-10 gas motor. I am enjoying passing other RV's and sometimes even the big rigs, but I really need to plan for the quicker times.

 We said our good-byes Monday night at Raccoon Valley RV Park to dad, and the kids. Our plan was to slowly meander to Bushnell. I had figured we would stop just north of Atlanta for a night leaving early to avoid the Atlanta traffic, but leaving Knoxville around 9Am put us rolling through Atlanta around 1 PM which was a really good time to go through Atlanta. We had some traffic, but nothing like the Atlanta traffic I remember, so we was able to make it all the way to Twin Oaks R V Park.

 Arriving around 4 PM at Twin Oaks gave us ample time to rest Tuesday evening, and we took Wednesday as a "just hang out and relax" day. We took full advantage of the hot tub, (nothing better than an evening in a hot tub with the love of your life). Thursday AM we had to roll the wheels, figuring on stopping around Gainsville for an overnight stop.

 We stopped in Valdosta GA to fill up with diesel and clean the "love bugs" off the windshield. Love bugs are very acidic and will ruin a paint job in a couple days. When we arrived in Gainsville the front of the Kountry Star was covered again with the love bugs so I decided to keep the wheels rolling so I would only have to clean them off one more time.

 When we pulled into Sumter Oaks we were greeted by Jim his wife. (her name slips my mind right now) Jim filled our propane take as requested, and we picked a site to park the rig on. Our last stay here was on a site that our AT&T phones would not work inside the rig, so we wanted to make sure they worked on the site we picked this time.

 After setting the jacks, rolling out the slides, and hooking up to water, electric, and sewer I started working on getting the love bugs off the front of the rig. I scrubbed for almost an hour getting the nasty bugs off the windshield and front cap. Over the next two weeks I hope to wash the entire rig, and get a good coat of wax on it. Those two weeks will also include the time we are away on our cruise to Cancun.

 So while relaxing in the FL Sunshine I will have plenty of things to keep me occupied......

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