Sunday, September 26, 2010

We are back

We have returned from our cruise, we had a terrific time, ate way too much, and we returned exhausted.

Here is a picture of the ships pool deck, we are in Tampa waiting to set sail.

One of the reasons for taking this cruise was Marcia's Birthday. We boarded the ship on 9-20-2010 which is a few years after Marcia was born. I won't say how many because I know how women are about telling their age.
Wallace and Wanda surprised us by having a cake delivered to our dinning table that night. Yes it was GOOD. Here is the piece I got.

We departed Tampa around 4 PM, spent that night and the next day at sea. They have a lot of things going on to keep you busy on the cruises, and we took advantage of a lot of them. I needed to take a nap but was like a kid, afraid I would miss something if I slept so I pushed myself until I just had to sleep.

 Wednesday AM we arrived at Grand Cayman Island. I had thought about staying on the ship, but the kid in me took over because I just had to be able to say I was there. Here is the island from the ship as we were arriving.

This pirate ship was taking some passengers on a day trip. They were from another ship because had not yet docked. The pirate ship did fire their canons at us, and warned us that we were sinking and that we should surrender to them. I hated telling them they were firing blanks, but then you know me.

 Driving in Grand Cayman is like driving in Europe, you drive on the left side of the road, and because our son is such a fanatic about cars I thought he would get a kick out of seeing a right hand steer BMW. So this one is for you Corey.

We found in very interesting to see a sign advertising an "ALL YOU CAN EAT' """sandwich"""""?

 We also found it interesting to see a Yield sign that says, GIVE WAY!

And who would have thought that we would see a KFC in the Grand Caymans? We were raised less than 50 miles from where Col Sanders opened his first KFC.

One of the most interesting sights was the blue water. It really amazes me at how clear and blue the water is. On the ferry boat ride to the Island I ask the operator how deep the water was there, I thought maybe 20-25 feet because we could see the rocks on the bottom, but he said it was about 80 feet deep where we were. Now that has to be some clear water to see rocks on the bottom 80 feet below us.

 We left the Cayman Islands and went to Cozumel Mexico. I'm sorry I don't have pictures of Cozumel but because we were going snorkeling I decided to leave the camera in the room on the ship. We snorkeled for an hour or so, and I quickly realized that kicking those fins caused great pains in my knees. When the current shifted we all just went with the flow to another area where we could get out of the gulf.

 After we did the snorkeling I was too give out to catch a taxi to the main city, so we just walked around the tourist trap around the Pier before we got back on the ship. We did buy a couple jackets, and some Coke Light. On the ship the bartenders pour our cokes, and then always hold the can way above the glass and the coke is flat by the time you get to drink it, so we now had a couple we could ice down and get the full fizz out of.

 Thursday night was the Mexican night, but I had to pass because I had over did it all day. Marcia came back to the room around midnight feeling the effects of the high winds we were in. The ship did its share of rocking from side to side and a lot of people were looking for more Dramamine.

 All in all we had a great time, and Wallace had warned us that the sea salt air would cause all our clothes to shrink, and he was right. Now we will be starting a diet of some kind so we won't have to buy all new clothes...........

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  1. Sounds like you guys had an amazing time! That's great! Love the pics too!


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