Monday, September 6, 2010

Enjoy them while you can.

Golden years are to be ENJOYED.

But what are Golden Years? Some say the time after your retirement, or your last few years on this earth, and I'm sure others define it in their own ways. Since the doctors told me I couldn't work to earn a living any more I figure my Golden Years started then.

 Mine started back in 2002, so I had to find something to fill in my days so I wouldn't be board to death. I bought a motorcycle! I spent a lot of time riding and working on the bike while Marcia worked. When the cold weather moved into KY I found myself sitting in the house way too much.

 In Jan of 2007 we decided to sell off most of our stuff, buy a motor home, and CHASE THE 70's. By June of 07 we had gotten rid of almost everything, bought a motor home, and was starting to travel to U S A. We have seen more places than most people, we have slept in the motor home in 46 different states, and met many friends along the way.

 Friday we arrived in Beaverdam Ohio, where my dad was visiting my cousins Andrea and Danny Mason. They allowed us to park the Kountry Star in their large back yard, they watched as Marcia and I parked the rig, dumped the air, lowered the jacks, and extended the slides. We were "home" ! Andrea was impressed at the room we had after the slides were extended.

 We had a good time visiting, we ate at "Happy Days" (best tenderloin sandwich for $1.50), and a new BBQ joint that replaced the original Happy Days. Andrea, Marcia and myself even made biscuits, gravy, and sausage Saturday.

 Sunday morning we rolled in the slides, raised the jacks and rolled away from "Camp Mason". We have dad with us for a few days, and I hope we help him enjoy these few days. He liked riding in the rig, he says you can see a lot out of the big windshield, and sitting up high gives a better view too.

 Our first stop was Cody and Nicole's where we just had to see them babies. Jacob 2 years old and Caleb 4 weeks old. I just love holding the little ones while they are sleeping, but when they star crying it is time to give them back to mommy or daddy. I renamed Jacob to Sam in an attempt to gain his trust, and it really worked. By the end of the night Sam had me so worn out I could hardly move. I found it hard telling him dad was his dad's dads dad.

 Marcia and I were really impressed with Cody and Nicole's new home, they have a large back yard for them boys to run in, and plenty room inside for them on the cold days they have here in Troy Ohio. Cody has a love for guns, so I took advantage of him by talking him into cleaning my  guns. THANK YOU CODY,

 Today we will head on to "The Kentucky Horse Park" so I can get my last doctors appointment in before we head south for the winter. With the temperature getting into the 90's in KY this week it is hard to say heading south for the winter, but after seeing the 40's in the U P, and waking up yesterday to 57 degrees inside the rig I have decided I would rather run the AC over the heat pump ANY DAY..........especially in my GOLDEN YEARS..............

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  1. Sounds like you have figured out how to enjoy your Golden Years! Keep smiling! =)



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