Thursday, September 2, 2010

Rainy Day

 Today we woke up to see liquid sunshine falling from the sky. This is one of the rains the farmers like to see, slow easy get everything wet kind of rain. It has been a long time since we have seen this type of liquid sunshine, and I'm sure the people watering their grass or crops are really glad to see it.

 Yesterday Walt and I took a ride into MI to visit some of the "candy" stores. Now this "candy" was RV related. I know of 4 surplus stores in lower MI that handle RV stuff, although we didn't find the treasures we were looking for I did enjoy looking around at all the stuff they have to offer.

 Back at the rally people were still buying, learning, and visiting. Walt, Donna, Connie, Paul, Marcia and myself went to eat at Lake Shore Grill. As the name suggests it is on the lake shore, and as most lakes with a food source there were ducks. Thankfully we were on the patio above the lake and ducks, but Walt and Marcia had fun feeding the ducks our left-overs.

 The rally offered entertainment last night, a couple from Tucson were singing comical type songs. I thought she did OK, but he needed a mic that attached to him because he would turn his head away from the mic while trying to sing and you had to be a lip-reader to know what he was singing.

 Today I will wait for a window in the rain so I can dump our tanks and fill up with water so we will be able to get an early start tomorrow when we leave our friends here in Elkhart. We have an appointment to pick up our new desk, and then we head to Lima to pick up dad....

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