Thursday, September 9, 2010

Happy Birthday DAD

Dad turned 74 today, we were able to take him to the steak house for dinner, followed by cake and a Happy Birthday Song.

 We picked him up in Lima this past weekend, and he spent a few days with us in the RV. The first night we boondocked while we visited Cody and his family.

 Once we left Troy Ohio we drove to Ft Boonsboro State Park where we spent a couple nights. I got a new C-Pap and a new mask. I'll have to set up a folow up appointment when I set up my next doctors appointment which should be in Jan 2011. That will be another fly in for the doctor and fly back to FL.

 Yesterday we arrived in Middlesboro where we were greeted by Corey, Jaelynn, and Jenelle. I took dad home so he could catch up on his rest in his favorite chair, and then we all went for Mexican. After the mexican feast we went back to the city parking lot where the rig was and played the balls on the string game.

 Today we moved the rig to the Cumberland Gap National Park before we started doing all our running before we leave for FL next week. Dad watched me make a remote holder to go in the rig before we went to eat, and after the cake I came back to the rig while Marcia and Scott went to play B I N G O. I hope she hits that $1000.00 game so we will have some extra spending $$ on the cruise, or maybe to help buy the six new tires the rig needs.

 Tomorrow will be more running and visiting with friends and family before the big half time show at the football game. Jordyn, (our niece) will be cheering the team on.......

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