Friday, September 3, 2010

We left Elkhart this AM headed to Focal Wood Products to get our new desk installed. Once we arrive Carlyle started working. Our dining area was like this before he started.

He took the table out and into his shop where he did some major changes to it. One leg was removed, the table was dis-assembled, a few holes were made, and he put most of it back together with a few modifications.

Then he started bringing in the pieces to the desk, he aligned everything and started screwing thins to this and that.

Then he put the modified table in place.

And in no time at all he had a finished product, and I had a happy wife.

Here is the desk with the table in place.

This show the window treatment as he called it, I say the vallance.

We have not get the laptops put where they go, and have not started filling the cabinets either. Once we arrived here in Beaverdam we took the Jeep to check out the CG Paul had told us about. The name is on the tip of my tounge but I can't say it, or type it, so maybe the next time. It is 1.5 miles esat of I-75 on hwy 81, which is exit 127. A VERY nice park with water and electric, it has 1 dump station, and 2 dump stations for grey water only. Never seen a dump station for grey water only, but it has two. It is first come, but people often come on Thursday and pay for three nights, but not show up until Friday or Saturday, so it had a no vacancy sign out front when we arrived today.

 When I down loaded my camera tonight to get the pics of the desk I noticed I went the entire rally without taking one picture. Shame on me, but we all know how expensive the digital film is!

 We will be taking dad with us when we leave here headed south, plan on a stop around Dayton to see my nephew and his family. The one month old baby boy, and the two year old boy is what we really are stopping to see, but I will include the Cody and Nicole so they won't have anything to complain about.

Then on to the Doctor in Lexington Tuesday....................


  1. sorry we didn't get to say safe.
    see you down the road.
    the desk cabinets look great.Marcia is happy now.


  2. I too am sorry we didn't get to tell you guys "see you later"! Could you come back for hugs?

    The cabinet looks really good. I know you will enjoy it. Safe travels and we will see you down the road.

  3. Just wanted to let you know Bandy Creek Campground. Looked like a nice place to be. It has some pull throughs and some sites to handle the bigger motorhomes.


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