Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Sumter Oaks

We have been here at Sumter Oaks for two weeks now and it is time to roll the wheels. After the cruise we spent the remainder of Saturday washing one half of the RV. The washing happened after the several naps we took to catch up on the sleep, and we were only able to get half of it washed.

 Sunday we got up early and finished the washing, and it was now ready for the wax. As luck would have it Valentine, a local guy that washes RV's here at the park and other Parks in the area, drove up just as we were finishing. After the bartering ended he started waxing, with the help of his lady friend. We had to  point out a few missed areas that he quickly went over, but two hours later they were packing things up to move on to the next rig in line for a cleaning.

 Most of the time when Valentine comes into a park and gets to wash, or wax in our case, one rig, there are others that decide to let him save them the trouble of washing theirs. I'm only guessing but I would say he makes $300 to $700 on a good day, but then there are the days that he can't get the first one to wash.

 Monday we went to Webster where they have a huge flea market on Mondays. I was surprised to see so many vendors setting up this time of year. Even though there were only about 1/2 to 1/3 of the vendors set up compared to what you would see in Dec or Jan. The produce isle had only about 1/3 of the vendors that we are used to seeing, but we were still able to get some good buys on tomatoes, and plums. Others from the park bought grapes and pineapples too.

 Tuesday evening 8 of us rode over to "wherda-hecamiat", this is an outstanding eating place where the food is good, the portions are large, and the price is decent. It is a fish camp with several small RV sites, a bait shop, boat launch, boat dock, and restaurant. It is about 20 miles from Sumter Oaks and well worth the drive.

 Today we spent cleaning the rig and getting everything ready to roll. I still have a few things to store away in the bays, and we have to make our rounds saying the "see you down the road somewhere" to the few that are here. We need to get an early start in the AM because the lovebugs are out in force and I don't want to spend another day washing them off the rig. From what I have read they don't come out until around 10 AM, so I really want to be where we are going by then, so that calls for the early start..............


  1. Travel safe. Where are you headed????

  2. Cruise sounded great,. Little cleaning up, shopping and now on the road again. Whew! Got me tired. Love the post. Know your headed for great weather no matter what be careful.


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