Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Moving day at Rainbows End

April first a lot of people pull practical jokes on others and then say " Aprils Fool". Why you ask, I have no ideal, but as kids we all seem to have pulled one on someone.
I guess mine could have been, move the rig to another site without telling Marcia, and then when she came home to find her house gone I would have been in big trouble. So that is what I did NOT do, although I did move the rig.
We had been waiting on one of three sites in the "Hill" area here at Rainbows End, and this AM Marcia called to inform me that she had just checked out the people on site # 64.

So I had the privilege of preparing the rig for the move.
Dump the tanks, disconnect the water, sewer, and electric. Pull the slide in, raise the jacks, grab the boards we use under the jacks, and yes I almost forgot, lower the antennas. Inside we have the front curtain, the sun shades, dishes, and most important LEO. We have to put Leo in the area between the slide and the bathroom wall, but today he wound up just sitting in the floor because I was only going up on the hill.
Driving up there took me a whole 2 minuets, (I drove really slow), and backing in was no biggie either. The hard part came when I tried to position the rig so the dish hit the satellite so we could watch TV. I did have to pull the rig back and forth until I found the right spot. Normally this is no problem, but there just happened to be a couple trees in the way.
After I had everything set up, and reinstalled, I took advantage of the oil in the rig being warm and drained it. An oil and filter change was due, maybe a little over due actually. The rig was already high in the front after getting it level so all I had to do was get the tarp spread out, the drain pan under the rig, and find the right socket to remove the plug.

When you consider some RV dealers charge $175. for an oil change, and the discount places charge around $50, (because it is a RV) I have no problems crawling under there and removing one bolt (the plug) and unscrewing the filter, watching the oil drain into a large pan and then reinstalling the bolt, (drain plug) and screwing on a new filter and pouring in 7 quarts of fresh oil.
For less than $20 for the oil and filter I save $30 to $155, Now that 30-155 dollars is a lot better off in my pocket than it would be in some cash register. And I figure that is just more money we have to play on, besides it does give me something to do.
The hardest part of the oil change is remembering to take the used oil back to a recycling center, and the cleanup.

Tonight I am treating Marcia to an evening out, we will drive to the VFW when she completes her shift in the office. At the VFW we will eat whatever they are serving, and play B I N G O . Marcia's favorite pastime. We are taking a lady from the park with us tonight, she showed Marcia where it was last week so I guess she likes bingo too.

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