Sunday, December 27, 2009

Cold Fronts

Everyone knows that I am not a fan of cold fronts, and really try to escape them at almost any cost. Well the cold front that is dipping into FL now has caught me off guard. Although we will be headed deeper into the Sunshine state tomorrow, today and yesterday has been one of those days for me.

Yesterday we went to look at a new to us rig, other wise I would have stayed in bed. After we saw the MH, a 2003 Allegro Bus, I was wishing that I had stayed home in bed. We drove to Clermont and found the place the bus was being stored, it was an RV sales/service shop where they store peoples motorhomes so it looks like they have a large inventory.

The couple that had it was very nice, but I really don't think they want to sell the bus. They had not cleaned it up any, in fact I think they parked it there when they arrived in FL for the winter and had done nothing to it since. The 3-M protective mask on the front of the bus had started pealing and turning black, they had things scattered all around the MH, and they told us about all the bad things that has happened to it since they bought it a few years ago. So needless to say we elected to pass on this one.

We are still looking, and tomorrow we are going to one of the largest RV dealers in FL to see what they have to offer. We will be staying in their campground so it will be convenient plus we have some friends there that we want to see, and I'm pretty sure some other friends will be coming there this week too. Hopefully we will get to visit with all our friends and be ready to dive deeper into the Sunshine state before the New Year comes in.

Right now our plans are to spend some time near Naples FL. Looking at the weather today Naples will be 20+ degrees warmer than Bushnell is or is going to be. I really like the sound of 20 degrees warmer! We will pay for one month there but I really doubt that we will be there that long before heading down into the Keys, but it will be cheaper to pay by the month and leave early than it would be to just pay weekly, or daily.

Today Paul and Connie came down to visit, and the girls put a wooping on us guys in hoof and mouth, (but then we just let them to make them feel good) LOL. we then went to check out a new Mexican Restaurant in Bushnell. (it was pretty good, and not too costly). It has been good to see our friends here at the park along with others we have seen the past few days.

When you travel around the country in an RV meeting people along the way, it is always good when you meet up with them again and again. We always have interesting stories to tell, some we wouldn't want to tell just anybody, but other RV'ers have deeper respect for the good and the bad of each story.

We are so looking forward to maybe finding out something about our roof, and seeing other RV friends this week, and most importantly we will be headed to WARMER weather..............

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