Thursday, December 10, 2009

Friends in the Valley

We are still in Donna Texas, which is in the middle of the Rio Grand Valley. We have been here almost three weeks and the weather has not been near as nice as it is most years. I guess it might just be us, because it seems like we have record set where ever we are.

We have been enjoying the company of Jay, Fay, Andy, Brenda, John, Lora Leland and Cathy. I am pretty sure we all gave up the American Dream, (owning and living in a house) to live the life style of a full time RV'er in 2007. Today we got a call from Greg and Jean, (also class of 07 full timers)and they made it to Mission Texas a few miles west of us. Tomorrow night we will all gather at a small restaurant in Donna to catch up and swap stories about the summer.

I'm thinking we will start our trip up the Texas coast late next week, working our way around the coast until we make it to Key West FL. It will take us several weeks, maybe even more than a month to get to the Keys, but we will be having fun all the way.......

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  1. I can hardly wait to hear about Key West!!!! Always wanted to go there!!


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