Monday, December 21, 2009

Winter has set in all over the USA

We left the RGV looking for those allusive seventies, and we haven't found them. We wanted to stop off in Houston TX to visit Susan, (Marcia's high school classmate) but couldn't get in touch with her so we pushed on. I was so happy to get out of TEXAS, I scared Leo when we crossed into LA when I screamed "get the hell out of Texas".

We were going to stop at the LA welcome center on I-10 and spend the night, but it was closed for construction, so we wound up at exit 4 where we found several casinos. Yesterday morning when we crawled out of bed I realized we were just a few miles from Nibblets Bluff Park. We had stayed there back in March when we were headed to the class of 07 reunion.

We elected to just drive the few miles north of I-10 (off of exit 4) to the caution light where we would turn west and drive the couple miles to Nibblets Bluff Park and spend the day. For $13 we get water and electric and a beautiful park right on the river. We enjoyed the park with one other camper, (but they were gone), so it was pretty much ours alone.

Today we will continue east, looking at the weather map it is pretty depressing. COLD has set in all over the USA and as our luck would have it Brownsville TX (where we just left) has the warmest temperature in the USA.

But then I knew it would be that way before we left.

We will be stopping at the MS Sandhill crane wildlife refuge to visit Ron and Linda and then Summerdale AL for a day or two, and then into FL where we hope to find those allusive SEVENTIES................

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