Tuesday, December 29, 2009


We left Sumter Oaks Monday morning and drove the 50-60 miles to Lazy Days near Tampa. We had to stop to get gas and a Flying J was on the way so we pulled in, and that was my first mistake. It was so crowded that when I pulled in all the pumps were in use, and people were waiting. Us being as long as we are with the tracker behind the rig I was keeping anyone else from coming in, and had some cars stuck in the oncoming lane of traffic.

While waiting to get to the pumps a lady from KY cut in front of us and a pickup pulling a trailer. Another lady walked from her car to the store several times with a cell phone stuck in her ear, while her car had two sets of pumps blocked. She finally got her gas and then left the car there while she went in to pay. I was really glad to get out of that place.

The first RVing couple we met, (Walt and Donna) after we moved the mattress from the house into the RV are at Lazy Days. They finally made the plunge and went FT back in November, but doctors have kept them from crossing the country like they had planned. It was really great to see them again, and we hope the doctors figure out Donna's problem so they can put some miles on that Allegro Bus.

When we parked the rig to go in and register at Lazy days RV Park, (used to be Rally Park) we got out and started in to the office. As we walked away from the rig someone yelled at me. My first thoughts were the Flying J, and wandered if someone had followed us. I was ready to relieve some tension, but it was a friend that we had spent part of last winter with.

After saying hi to Rich, (of Rich and Mary) we got signed in and parked the rig close to Walt and Donna. Walt and Donna called their salesman and ask him to come show us some rigs, and get us set up for someone to check out our roof. We spent the afternoon looking at some of the used motorhomes Lazy days has for sale. One had potential, but most of them was a no no for one reason or another.

We left the salesman with the intent on getting back together with him tomorrow to look at some more rigs. I found it interesting that a lot of the used MHs has sold signs in them, but the salesman would tell us that he knew that one wasn't really sold after looking at his list. Is that a way they try to get you to maybe buy quicker? to make you think you had better hurry and decide on one before it is sold while your trying to decide?

I know every dealer has their gimmicks, and with the economy the way it is I expect to get a really good deal or we will keep the Santara. I can do a lot of upgrades to it with the $$ we will be spending on a new to us rig. Besides the insurance company will be putting another brand new roof on it, and new ceilings in it, so it should be in pretty good shape that way.

Later Marcia and Donna decided we were going to Cracker Barrel to eat and we called Rich and Mary and ask them if they would join us. All 6 of us, Rich, Mary, Walt, Donna, Marcia, and myself met at Cracker Barrel and had a wonderful meal, and the company was just outstanding.

Later on Marcia and I took advantage of the hot tub here, and then started doing research on rigs and prices of rigs. This is where the headaches come in, which one will be the best deal, which one will we be satisfied with, should we wait until we get to Naples? Too many decisions to make. I will be glad when we are back to trying to decide which way to turn at the next stop light..............

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  1. But the REAL question is, have you found the 70's yet???? Oh, well--at least you aren't in the "white stuff"!


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