Friday, December 18, 2009


Today is my baby brothers 44th birthday, so I want to make sure I wish him a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY. Scott has had a rough go of things this past year, his third motorcycle crash messed up his leg again, and a few other things, but he is strong, and my brother so I know he will pull through A O K.

Back in Texas we were delayed from leaving Donna this morning because of nasty weather. Yahoo said it was raining this morning, (even though it wasn't raining where we were) so we chose to stick around another day. Living full time in a motorhome gives us that flexibility.

We went to have pizza with the Carters, and they showed us the place they bought in Southern Comfort RV Park. It is near here in the larger town of Weslaco. Jay really needs a place to recover from any surgeries he might have to have. The agent orange is really eating at his joints so his thoughts are "better safe than sorry".

Marcia and Fay took our cars to have them detailed, $12 for a wash inside and out was a pretty good deal I thought. That gave me time to dry some things out since the sun did come out after 2 PM. It really turned out to be a decent day after the fog and clouds lifted, I was even walking around in a tee shirt.

If the weather forecast is right we will pull out tomorrow as soon as the fog lifts. We are both getting excited about another MH we have been looking at on-line. It is in Nashville TN, and we have already decided to switch our domicile to TN since I now get the disabled veterans benefits. Our daughter will be our mail forwarding service, she can open and sort all our mail for us so we won't miss some of the important stuff.

Once we get to Summerdale AL we will leave the Santara at the SKP Park and drive the tracker to TN to get things switched over. That is if we do decide to buy the MH in Nashville.............

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