Saturday, December 12, 2009

Progresso Mexico

Yesterday was a dreary day here in the RGV, it was raining and cold, but we didn't allow that to stop us from taking a trip to Mexico with our friends Leland and Cathy. We saw a guy on the street painting spoons, he takes a table spoon and bends it so it will stand on its own and paints scenes on it. No biggie until I tell you he does these paintings using his finger.
Here is a picture of him and some of the regular "finger" paintings he has done.

Here he is with a sortment of spoons he has painted.

We walked through many of the shops looking around, and then we ate lunch above the Canada Store. After eating Marcia had her eyes brows waxed, or something, and then we walked back across the bridge to the USA.

Friday night we met 6 other couples (5 from the class of 07) at Monte Carlo Cafe for a class of 07 dinner. It was a great meal and a good time with friends from all over the USA.

Now we are waiting for the weather to warm up, it should be back in the 70's and even in the 80's this week. We will be watching the weather to see when we want to start our trip around the gulf coast...........

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