Thursday, December 17, 2009

Time to move on

Tomorrow we will be leaving our friends here in the RGV (south Texas) looking for warmer temperatures. I really don't expect it to be any warmer until we drop back down into FL in a few weeks.

We have enjoyed the company of our friends here in the RGV despite the crappy weather we have had since we arrived here several weeks ago. It seams like everywhere we go they are setting records in the weather. One small town near here gets an average of .23 inches of rain in the month of Dec, (that is POINT 23 inches) and yesterday they got 2.(point)23 inches of rain, and it has rained almost everyday since we have been here.

It was kind of sad seeing some of our full timing friends buy permanent homes here, but I know we all must do what we must do. I know they won't quit traveling, and now they will have a place to call home. I guess the saddest part about it is knowing that the day will come when we decide to "grow roots" again and will buy something to call home.

Today we made our last trip into Mexico for awhile, we bought a few little items to give our daughters, (all three of them), (daughter, daughter-in-law, and grand) and we stocked up on triple sec for the MARGARATOR. Progresso Mexico isn't as fun as Algadones, and Texas ruins the cheap cigarettes with their $15 per carton tax, but it is still an awesome experience.

I will miss walking down the streets having everyone ask if we are looking for optical, dental, or a pharmacy. I will miss the cheap liquor prices, and the cheap food, but we will return one day. It was neat seeing the Mexican Army posted at the gate watching over things. And their all terrain vehicle was really cool, especially the little propeller on the rear bottom.

Jay and Fay will remain here until spring time, and they will be moving into their new to them park home. Andy and Brenda will be moving into their new park model soon, and they will be here until spring also. Greg and Jean just got down here in their new rig, and will spend the winter in their new to them park model in Mission TX, and John and Lora will be here working until sometime in the spring. Leland and Cathy have already moved their rig north to San Antonio where they parked it while they take the car back to MT for the holidays. (I hope they don't freeze)

Joe and Marcia will move on down, (up) the road looking for more sights to see before winding up in the southern most point in the continental United States, KEY WEST FL sometime this winter.................

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