Friday, December 4, 2009

Cold in Texas

When we sold our house and moved into the RV we were expecting to "chase the 70's", but it is really hard to figure out where those illusive 70's are. Like today, the only place the temps are above 70 is way down in Miami.

But we do have heaters in the rig, so we will not freeze, although I feel like I'm already frozen. I really feel a lot better if the temperatures are between 70-90 degrees. The main reason we sold the house is so I wouldn't have to sit in the house when it got cold, and by having the "house on wheels" I don't have to near as much as I would if we still lived in KY, so please don't take it too hard when I complain about it being cold where we are.

A few days ago Marcia paid our "camping fees", (or the lot rent here) for three more weeks, which was good until we got a call from our son Corey telling us dad had had another heart attack and they were flying him to Knoxville. I started checking on flights to get us back to KY, and figuring how long it would take us to drive back.

The good news came a few hours later, they were able to put a stint in dad to open up the blockage that was causing the heart attack. God was looking after dad, because dad let Scott take him to the hospital in the first place, and the hospital in Middlesboro was quick enough to send him on to Knoxville, and the doctors in Knoxville was able to get the blockage opened up.

So all turned out OK, dad will be going home today and we will stick around the RGV for a few more weeks. However we will be heading on to FL and not spending as much time in the RGV as we had planned. I can get a flight out of FL a lot easier than TX, a lot cheaper too, and hopefully the weather we be warmer in FL.

So we will just suck it up and sit inside where it is nice and warm until it warms up here next week............

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