Monday, August 16, 2010

Baraga County

  We picked up a pamphlet at the visitors center with a map showing several waterfalls, and other attractions in the county. Today we went in search of the hidden treasures in Baraga County.

 The first few waterfalls listed were in a town named L'Anse so that was our first stop. There was road construction between us and the falls so we passed on seeing them, after all I didn't expect too much of a waterfall in town. We turned the jeep north on Main Street in search of some of the other attractions.

 About 6 miles north on Main St which turned into Skanee Road was our next turn. We saw the sign indicating a boat ramp, and the directions said to follow it to the end of the road, so that is what we did.
Slate River is the name of the "creek" where the falls are. I really don't see how anyone could launch a boat in that river. We did find a scenic "creek" flowing over some rocks, and being from the hills of KY I couldn't call this a "waterfalls", so I guess their definition differs from mine.

 After being disappointed in a couple other falls we drove to see we decided to check out another attraction listed in the County's pamphlet. Pequaming was listed as number 16 on the list, and it was in the general direction we needed to go to return to the rig. The pamphlet says "Wander along former site of once busy model community owned by Henry Ford. Some buildings are still evident. It also has a marina and is well known for fishing."

 Once we arrived at the marina we saw the BOLD sign telling everyone the marina was for their customers ONLY. There were a couple driveways leading to several buildings that looked like they might be old, but there were signs posted saying "Private No Trespassing". So we headed back to Baraga where we prepared things for our departure tomorrow.

 We did stop to see the shrine of the "snowshoe priest". A remarkable 35' statue of what I guess was the priest. There was also a gift shop and several areas for people to pray. It was an interesting place, and really neat once you got across the RR tracks. It is a well maintained place across the street from the tip of Keweenaw Bay.

 The weather has turned a bit on the cool side, a front came through and I have been paying for it, so I'm thinking we will skip Marquette and just head south. We want to get to Hartford WI so we can visit with Greg and Jean before they head back towards NE.

 I'll let you know where we wind up if we have Internet service when we stop for the night. (where ever that may be)...............

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