Thursday, August 19, 2010

Camp Greg and Jean

 Yesterday we arrived at camp Greg and Jean here in Hartford WI. Camp Greg and Jean is what I am calling the field in front of Greg's mother's house. We can't see the house for the trees, but we know it is there.

 It was great to see them again, us guys had fun schooling the girls at "hoof and mouth", otherwise known as hand and foot the Pinner way. I knew it was going to be a close game when the score was guys -70 and gals +370 after the first hand. I told them it was almost tied at that point, and at the end of the game the score was guys 1600 and gals 1400.

 We did get some bad news last night, Jay Carter has some major medical problems and as of last night he was being transported to a hospital in Duram NC. Fay is having to drive the MH. Jay had been having a few problems and Fay took him to a hospital in Marion VA yesterday where he was diagnosed with a mass on his brain. The hospital wasn't equipped to say much else about it, so they were making the arrangements to get him to a better hospital.

 Please remember them in your prayers, as most of you know they are full timers originally from Tulsa OK, and they bought a park model in the RGV last year because Jay figured he would be having surgery in he good ankle soon.

 We will see what there is to do and see here in Hartford WI today, and we should head toward Goshen tomorrow. I will keep you updated on Jay as I hear new news.......

 Before I posted this I talked to Fay,
 They are in Raleigh Durham NC, Jay is in the Durham VA hospital, the doctor said he would be having surgery sooner than later. They are waiting on a second opinion. Jay's daughter is flying in, and a friend is flying in to get the MH and Lulu. To top it off today is their anniversary!
That is all I know as of now....

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