Friday, August 20, 2010

Rummage Sales

 Rummage sales here in WI are what we call yard, or garage sales back in the hills of KY. Yesterday while driving around we spotted a few and stopped at a couple. The first one had an 1980 Honda Moped that I thought very hard about buying. I thought it would be nice to have around the CG's and in Key West this winter, but I decided it would be way too small for both of us to ride so I passed on it.

 Today Greg and Jean had appointments so Marcia and I had to fend for ourselves. Which turned out to be a good thing because it rained last night and I don't do well during or after a rain. I spent most of the morning in bed. Marcia and I did get out before noon and hit some more of the rummage sales.

 Again I passed on something I should have went ahead and bought. A jet ski, we are looking for one to take to FL with us to use while we are in Key west. They rent them in Key West, but it is like $75-$100 for half a day, and after doing the touristy things in Key West there isn't a lot to keep you entertained.

 Tomorrow we will leave the hospitality of Greg and Jean, and Camp Greg and Jean to get closer to Elkhart. We aren't sure where we will be staying or going until the GJR, but there are several things around Elkhart that we want to see and do before the rally. From FB, forums, and other blogs, I see there are many RV friends already in the general area of Elkhart so I'm sure we will keep very busy.......

Thank You Greg and Jean, (I guess really Mark and Greg's mom) for allowing us to use the lower forty to call home for the past few days.....

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