Monday, August 23, 2010

Goshen Bound

Today we did the factory tour here at Newmar, and this one as do all factories tours, impressed me. The tour guide was very nice, but she wouldn't be my pick to give factory tours. We did see how they put all the pieces together to make Newmar RV's.

 We saw several gassers being built, and a couple fifth wheels, there was even a few high end coaches in the factory being built. It was interesting to find out Newmar makes about 15 RVs a week and employees about 500 people. You can't buy direct from the factory, and each RV is sold before it is made here.

 We also went to Focal Furniture today, and yes our bank account is a lot lower after leaving. We had to order what we wanted, although he did have almost what we wanted. We will drive to rig to his shop as we leave Nick's to have the computer desks and the valance installed. It will all be oak like the rest of the wood in the Kountry Star. Pictures will come after the installation.

 We are going to miss the free parking here at Camp Newmar, but it is time to move on. The etch-a-sketch shows us heading to Goshen, the Elkhart County Fairgrounds for a couple days before we go to Elkhart CG where the rally will be. It will be fun seeing some of our friends again.

 Our friend Jay will have the tumor removed on Thursday or Friday, and Fay is recovering from her heart attack and the surgery she had today. They had to put two stints in, and I hope that helps her because she has had her hands full the past couple of weeks, and she will still have her hands full with Jay during his recovery.

Until the next time...........

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